Brad Tassell



For over 25 years professional full-time comedian, author, speaker,and educator Brad Tassell has proven he is not only hilarious, but smart, kind, useful, and the perfect performer for any group, any place, any time. Along with working 40 to 50 weeks a year doing stand up in clubs, corporate, keynote address, conferences, on Carnival Cruiselines, Brad uses his Master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences to bring solution-based interventions, award-winning, and hilarious educational keynotes on a variety of topics, and bullying prevention to schools, educators, and workshops.

Brad can enlist and entertain 100% of the audience, and always with the strongest in professionalism and respect for each person’s needs.

Brad has seven books, major publications, a new television show for the fall, and a feature film in his recent biography. Plus, each year Brad speaks at up to 100 schools, and more than 6000 students read his book.

“It’s true, Brad Tassell. We all talked about how your show wasn’t just funny & entertaining. But it had a good, positive message! Thanks for the awesome experience!” —Susan Land Shelton

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