Scott Long

Hilarious and inspirational Comedian and TV Writer


Scott is the rare performer who’s been seen on NBC, FOX-TV, ESPN, all while turning down big opportunities in LA and NYC to keep his home base in the Middle of the Country. Besides the 100s of radio and TV appearances he has done, he has also written the hysterical comedy sketches for Frank Caliendo the past 13 seasons. Scott’s non-profanity show hilariously connects with all ages and audiences. He does this with a mix of great audience interaction and an underlying message of how the greatest challenges in life provide the most important lessons. Add to that, when you hire Scott you are getting a Television writer who will customize some material about your group to make each show truly​​ memorable. Scott Long proves you can be hysterically funny, while having an inspirational message to his presentation! This is why dozens of major corporations like State Farm and John Deere have raved about his show. Corporate Event or Fundraiser, Scott has a 5 star show for what you need. Planning your event is hectic enough, so why not hire someone with 24 years of experience and 100s of great reviews!


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